This article was inspired by a story published in Business Daily today(5/3/2019), claiming how to loose weight was one of the top searches in Kenya. Being a woman, who has had the ‘experience’ of being overweight & the insecurity that came with it, I felt compelled to write about this topic.

If your goal has always been to loose weight, I can tell you that’s where the problem is.

I have weighed 70kgs at some point in my life, when my ideal weight according to the doctor was 55Kgs so yeah, you can imagine how chubby, stomachy(not a real word) & insecure I was feeling. Nothing sucks more than waking up in the morning and seeing yourself in the mirror & not being proud of what you’re seeing & judging yourself for all that extra weight, I can relate even as I walk in my 6 inch heels,custom tailored suits & weighing exactly 54.8Kgs today.

I was able to cut more than 14Kgs of weight in 3 months & it didn’t start with going to the gym but with changing my mindset & how I felt about myself, it started with being secure about my weight, accepting it & taking the responsibility to change it. Don’t worry I was not super-confident that the idea to be confident in my own skin just popped up in my head, no.

A close friend of mine who is a gym instructor told me the biggest challenge that most people need to overcome when starting to go to the gym is their own mindset & attitude. He told me that as he works out with new clients & engages them in a conversation he can tell who wont be coming to the gym the following week. I didn’t doubt him for a second, his physique did most of the convincing.

Here is the logic behind how your attitude & mindset can affect the outcome of your weight loss Journey-note that word. Lets say you’re overweight by over 15Kgs right? And you feel bad about it, because who wants to be overweight? It has some serious health consequences, you’re mostly tired & you’re afraid your guy crush will never notice you, those are just a few reasons.

Now lets put the emotions aside and look at this objectively. You feel bad, so? How is it going to change the size of your waist tomorrow? Nada. If you allow yourself to feel bad about it, then you’ll always feel bad until the day you drop those kilos & trust me that will be hard with that pessimistic attitude.

The real problem is that you’re looking at the short term effects your weight has on you & how you feel instead of looking at the long term possibilities of you shedding that weight. Insecurity about your weight does nothing to cut it, it actually affects you more, you loose confidence, your performance at work can be affected & you might give up the weight loss Journey even before you begin.

Instead of going through all that torture, why not accept that maybe your current weight isn’t your ideal weight & its fine because you’re going to do something about it. Feeling bad about how you look, will just hurt your chances of ever looking your best. The best thing you can tell yourself is this-

‘My current weight does not define my character, it does not speak to the kind of person I am, it does not shape or influence my dreams & ambitions, it doesn’t take to account the weight of my happiness, so I will not let it account for how I feel, Instead I’ll appreciate the fact that am not in the ideal weight I want & work on it step by step because its a journey not a destination’

If your goal has always been to loose weight, I can tell you that’s where the problem is. Instead your goal should be to focus on living a Healthy Lifestyle. Once your goal shifts to being the latter, you’ve obtained a long-term view & I promise it will be 10 times easier to loose weight than someone who doesn’t know this. Most people want a quick fix, thats why diet pills are such a rage even though they don’t really work in the long-term. So, patience.

Unless you want to be an athlete, body builder or strong. I don’t usually recommend going to the gym for those just starting out on the weight loss journey. Because I strongly believe that the extra expense & effort isn’t worth it at first, it might actually make you give up. Any professional gym instructor will first ask you to check your diet before anything else. The gym will help with building strength & toning your body, but that’s not our goal is it?

Start eating Healthy food, start taking the stairs, bike around your neighborhood on weekends-get a bike, go swimming, go hiking, just do 10 push-ups a day. But the most important thing to do is start eating healthy, If you’re to forget everything you’ve read here, don’t forget to EAT HEALTHY! Do that and when you wake up & look at yourself in the mirror the day after don’t feel bad instead remind yourself that you’re on a Journey a journey that you begun when you decided to eat Ugali & Kales instead of Fries and with every bite of that healthy, nutritious food, you will surely believe in what you’re aiming for & I promise you you’ll see the results on your weighing scale every 2 weeks.

What am I putting in my body? Ask yourself that question every-time you’re sited for a meal. The taste of healthy food in your mouth will be way better a month from now & understanding the benefits of different foods will make it even easier to understand why you’re eating what you’re eating so make google your friend.

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