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Alpine VegeznFruits is a premiere online marketplace and delivery company that deals with fresh fruits and vegetables, plucked directly from the farms onto our clients’ chopping boards. VegeznFruits seeks to take away the inconvenience of hustling in the market to get your weekly supply and allowing clients more time to be with their loved ones.
As a 24-hour service portal, our customers log order requests on the website which are then delivered weekly to their front doors at absolutely no cost. The mode of payment is through mobile money transfer Mpesa or cash on delivery . We also provide free woven baskets to our customers for use during subsequent deliveries. Currently, we are delivering within the Nairobi area only, but will expand to other towns soon.

VegeznFruits, your online marketplace for farm fresh fruits and vegetables.
VegeznFruits, high quality fresh vegetables and fruits, at your doorstep. Your answer to healthy nutrition


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